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It's Okay Ally - Chapter 1

It was around the year 2000, a home like looked like mine but didn’t feel the way it did when I am awake.

As I looked around before I realized who I was, that I wasn’t myself, the house felt foggy, I didn’t know where I was but I recognized the details of the house like it was my own.

The energy of the house was different, as I looked around, I wasn’t sure if I was in the correct house. I saw myself in the mirror, I was a 7-year-old girl, dark skin, with beautifully braided plats that ran down arms as they laid there.

As I spoke, I noticed my voice, it was soft but high also, sweet sounding like a happy child when they are talking about something adore.

I looked away from the mirror. facing down the hallway as I saw a living room, this house felt big and old, yet I felt safe, like a warm summer's day, the feeling you get when you can finally settle down and relax, that feeling exactly is what this house felt like the moment I looked around.

I took a few steps forward, the living room looked the same as my own, the chairs in the same place, one close to back door and the other door which was by the living room door.

 One pillow on each seat, but this room felt empty, of course no one was in there but it had a lonely feeling.

I ignored. 

I walked in and I sat on the sofa, that was by the wall, facing the window, to the back garden. There was no net curtain which was strange to me as they normally were up in my own house. Things felt out of place, I had this strong erg to move things around but of course I didn’t, I was just a child, or was I just stuck inside a child's mind.

As I looked out the window, gazing and thinking if the was a dream or if I was in the body of small child, wondering If this child used to live here, was she lost and needed help? 

As I looked out the window, it felt like I was looking at an endless moving photograph, looking out this big window, with trees on each side of the garden. Fully grown to their most divine beaty.

The sky full and blue, no birds and not a single sound or peep, just silence as I saw this magnificent beaty. 

Drawn in to this piece of art that was just my back yard, or was it?

Or was this some miss understanding? I didn’t understand as I felt like I was two people in one body.

Paws patting on the carpet coming from the hallway, I stood up and in came a beautiful German Sheperd, strong and fully grown, Josh I called him.

An older girl came in, she was in a long beautiful dress, long brown hair, beautiful curled, she didn’t say anything to me, but smile, she was happy, she had Jewlery on her arms, her skin was slightly tanned but most white.

This girl was my sister, I figured, but where are my mum and dad I thought? Why are they not home? 

Eventually she spoke “I'm ready for prom! God I'm so existed!, this sweet boy asked me, goodness he is so charming, I'll be home late, there's food in the fridge, don’t stay up to late, Okay silly?”

I nodded and didn’t say a word, I started to wonder if this child was used to being alone, but why?

She stayed home with home for a little bit but we didn’t really speak, just a smile here and there.

Josh laid with me, resting his head on my lap, I petted his soft little head, I knew he would never leave my side. 

A loud knock at the door, outside standing a tall handsome man, blue eyes and brown hair, a very charming suit. She finally left and finally went to prom with the nameless sweet gentleman she told me about. 

I was home alone in a house I didn’t seem to completely recognize.

I kept petting his soft head as he finally fell asleep on me. I looked around but as I did it felt like things were changing, moving, like I was time traveling while I sat still in the same spot, the softer was where the chairs were, the backyard was down the hall, I didn't understand, how is this possible when I didn’t even move?

Josh stood up and shook, yawning, he didn’t even seem to notice, maybe this was just in my head... I thought, Josh started scratching his left ear before he started to walk to the back door, I understood, opening the door, the back garden was warm, quite just as it felt when I looked out the window but more peaceful, a big open grass, and a swing set on the left by the gate.

I felt pulled to go outside but didn’t want too, so I called my dog back in and went upstairs, hearing my dog follow me.

Suddenly, something felt off, a cold chill running down my spine, was this fear or something I needed to face? A sharp eye was watching me from the kitchen, I slowly took 3 steps down, I glance over for a moment, in the corner of my eye was a woman in the kitchen in a long red coat, long hair that went past her fingertips, all I could hear from her mumbles, I couldn’t move, I wasn’t sure if I should be afraid, my legs felt like ice, my eyes felt cold still, I couldn’t blink, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe. 

The endless cold chill running down my spine, I finally gained the courage to run, grabbing my phone, texting everyone I know “Please come home, I'm scared! Theres someone in the house! Please hurry! Please! “

I placed my phone down, shivering in fear, I took a deep breath. 

“Bark! Bark! “I hear josh as he barks at the lady, barking again and again till he starts whimper.

I run down the stairs as I see him lay down in front of her, slowly laying on his side. 

I didn't know how to think or feel, she saw me and looked at me again, I felt scared and afraid thoughts kept coming to my mind, is she death? It cannot be my time yet... To what I kept thinking was irrational thoughts, I remember as myself and not the child, my dog of old age in the kitchen in the exact spot, but what does that mean for this child? 

Who is this child and why is she alone? 

The more I looked at this woman the more I felt tired, the more my eyes wanted to close, my legs were giving in but I kept refusing, 

The woman moved closer and closer to me, i dint have the energy to move. 

“go away “I said in a small weak voice. She leaned down and cupped m cheek, not saying a word she just looked at me, I looked away and down at my body, laying on the stairs as I tipped m head back, refusing to look at her.

I call out to my dog, feeling so deep in this Childs mind, I forget who I am, I lose track of why I'm here as this child gets more and more tired. 

“it's time“the woman said, in soft voice, standing back up, she unbuttons her red coat, opening her arms filled with warmth.

I pushed my head up, confused looking at her with her open arms, josh standing in the kitchen, shaking his tail with his tongue out, his body still on the ground.

I shook my head, feeling large gulp of tears in my throat. 

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