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It's Okay Ally - Chapter 3

I woke up unrespectly, what on earth just happened!? coughing up water aggressively, my heart pounding painfully.  my body wet and sore, my mind filled with emotions and feelings from is child.

Was it a dream? My mind swirling as I get up from my bed. I scratch my head, confused and disoriented.

I have a quick change, blue demon jeans with a simple black hoodie, my hair scruffy from what I thought, a deep rem sleep. 

“Ally” I thought, I couldn’t get her out of mind, something didn’t feel right, I needed to find her.

Where was she? Who was this woman that tried to save her? Was that her mother?  I thought for a long moment, not understanding what the hell I had experienced.

I went over to my window, Slipping the hatch open, as the window pushes open, a cold summer breeze hits my face, trees rustling, a strong scent of past rain as the trees still drip with rain droplets.

A few minutes passed; I didn’t realize how lost in thought I was till I looked at the time.

“wait .. is that? “I rubbed my eyes as I saw Ally by the lake next to my house, she was facing away from me, her hair still wet from being in the lake, I was about to call out to her, but did she know who I was? Did she know I was in her mind or was this some kind coincidence? I took a deep breath, “Ally!” I shouted out to her “Ally” I shouted again as she looked at me, she didn’t say a word, all she did was smile. 

I quickly ran down stairs, I felt the strong need to hold her, to protect her, I never wanted to leave her side again.

Slipping down the stairs almost as I ran, like it was end of the world in the next few seconds, I didn’t understand why, I needed to get to her so quickly, all I knew is that I needed her close to me. 

I slammed my door open, and there she was, in the same spot. Smiling at me, she lifted her arm, and gave me a soft wave. 

I ran up to her, my clothes feeling like they are becoming wet all over again.

I rapped my arms around her small body, she felt cold, her skin was slowly becoming warm. I pulled back and I cupped her cheek. “Are you my Guardian Angel” Ally said in her soft voice. I looked at her with confused look, feeling a longing look in her eyes. Unsure and not sure of what to say.

“Did I die, in lake? I saw a light but the woman didn’t let me go, she didn’t want me to go” she whispered in my ear softly as tears started to down each of her red cheeks. 

“A light... “I whispered back to her, my eyes filling with tears, understanding slowly of what is happening. 

“Yes, she said she was my mother, she kept saying she was sorry and didn’t let me go, the light started fade... my lungs hurt ..” She started to tear up more and more, gripping onto my jumper tightly.  

“Shhh, Ive got you, Ally, I'm gunner do my best to stop the pain, okay? “My voice cracks half way through the sentence, as a tear slips down my warm cheek, landing on her forehead.

I close my eyes as I hold her, I feel her small hand wipe my tears away. “I promise to make your pain go away too” she smiles  softly as she held onto me.

I stand up, after a moment, slipping her hand in mine, we walk over to the empty park, a beautiful bright blue swing set, sitting still as the wind blows her braids slightly, resting behind her shoulders. I place her on the swing, giving her one big push. “One! Two! Three! Look at you go, little angel“I say to Ally in happy voice, watching her, laugh and giggle more and more and she gets higher and higher. 

As she swings, I see the woman, known to now be her mother, walking us to me, her eyes draping with longing tears.

“Ally baby! Come back to mommy” her mother shouts, sadly. 

I look back at Ally, as she points at something she sees, she looks back at me, smiling, she looks at her mother, waving at her. I stay close to Ally, holding the pole to the swing set, I hold my hand out for her, with gentle smile. 

“Take my hand” I say in a gentle voice. 

She takes my hand, slowly, I feel the weight of the world as I felt my own heart become heavy, taking her pain and hurt away. 

I watch her, walk over to the swing next to Ally, as they both sways, back and forth on the swing.

Ally looks at me, afraid, shaking her head, “I don’t want to leave you!” she cries out, unable to reach the floor. “It's okay, kiddo, I'll be there one day” I say in a gentle voice with a growing smile, holding up the heaviest weights on my cheeks, my eyes holding back a whole sea of tears, as my mind drowns.

“Okay... I’m gunner miss you... “she looks at me for anther moment, looking up at the sky, she giggles as she sees, her dog, running up to her, slowly lifting from the ground, licking her cheek gently.

“I love you, kid” I hold my heart, knowing, feeling attached to her, like she was my very own little sister. 

She giggles and smiles at me one last time, she takes one push back, jumping out of the swing, big white wings, the feathers, looking so soft, softer than a warm blanket.

 As they blew in the heavenly, breeze. come slipping out of her back, they open up, flapping in the wind, her braids fall out, her hair blowing in the wind, waving at me one last time, flying into the light, her mother follows behind her, josh too of course.

A small giggle, faded away as I dropped to the ground, looking up at the sky, I grip my jumper tightly, sniffling.

I finally got up, walking home, looking back at the park, one last time.

I opened my front door, slipping upstairs, my sheets still damp.

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