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LOST CHILD. ( TW - Violence and kidnapping ) Amanda's Story - part 3

She finally arrived after almost driving past the speeding limit, her mind spinning with thoughts about what they are going to say.

Turning into the car park, she took a deep breath, before getting out. Walking towards the police station made her spiral, her hands sweating, and her legs felt numb, as she stepped inside. 

“Hi, I'm miss Lucian, I was told to come in” she says to the woman on the front desk. She clears her throat and nods, chewing gum in mouth rudely. “right, yeah, I'll call him out and he will be out in a moment to collect you” she smiles for a moment and then rolls her eyes.

Nodding, she went and sat down, as she waited it felt like years were passing by, every second as the clock ticked.

“Miss Lucian?” he came out and called for her, stepping up as fast as she could, walking over to him.  “I’m here, now what is it you want to tell me?” she asked with a worried tone, her chest breaking with a single crack after anther as she waits for him to talk. “Let's go into my office, as this a privet matter.” he said in a deep tone and unreasonably shaky.

We walked in, one at a time, I felt a strange feeling in my throat, looking around, as I sat down, the chair was metal and cold, filing cabinets in straight row, Infront of me, a blue carpet. The walls were white, with missing people posters on the wall, but the picture I saw of my sister the last time I came, was gone. Before I could even ask, he spoke. “We are closing the case on Amanda, there is no trace to where she is.” he stumbles on his words, which I found quite odd,

“what do you bloody mean?! “she said with a very annoyed tone.

“You can't just stop! I know she's been missing for 6 years but you can't …. please!” tears forming down her cheeks, slapping the table aggressively.

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