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“Mam I’m sorry we just” His voice becomes shaky, touching his chin as looks behind me for a moment.

“We can’t continue the case, it's already been closed, there is no lead... “He places his hand next to hers, smiling softly with a single shake.

She pauses for a moment, her heart draping down her chest as it fills with pain.

“I … “Her words stuck like glue, in her throat, words tumbling together.

He gets up, shaking his head, taking a deep breath” I know mam, I'm so sorry... “he speaks in a gentle voice, rubbing the back of his head.

“It's okay...” Tears flowing down her cheeks once again as they burn down her skin. As he goes to leave, she rests her head back, looking up, she sees a box on a self, she notices how much it looks like Amanda’s, but how did they have that when she took it school with her, for show and tell? She wondered. She got up, walking over to it, as he walks out, grabbing the box quickly. “Amanda” she thought to herself. She opened the box, her eyes widened as it had a photo of her, ropes around her hands, thighs and ankles, 

“what the f... “she dropped the box and the photo, looking over at the door, unsure of what to think... She quickly grabs the photo again quickly, the offer walks in, his eyes widen. “Shit... mam, put the photo down.” His voice shaken, as he takes a few steps towards her. “stay the fuck away from me! Where is my child! “she screams at officer, gripping the photo tightly, her face flushed because of the tears, streaming down her face.

Glancing at her and the photo, he walks up to her faster as she back off, pushing the photo behind her, her heart racing, beating out her chest. “where... where is my CHILD!” She screams stutters out of pure fear. “Did you take my child!” she questions him, throwing glove boxes and pens at him, anything she can grab.

He dodges every time, the tip of the pen, scratching his face slightly, saying nothing as he grabs her writ tightly, pulling her out the room, with a rough grip. “HELP! HELP ME! “She screams.

People in the building walk past her like they don’t hear her, looking her directly, smirking. 

“LET ME GO!” She stamps on his foot, biting his neck aggressively, blood dripping down his neck as he screams in pain.

She pulls away from, gripping her and the photo tightly, running as fast she can, turning so may corners, slamming through so many doors, in her mind it felt like an endless maze.

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