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LOST CHILD - (TW - Violence and kidnapping ) Amanda's story, part 1

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Hi, my name is Amanda, I went missing 6 years ago. I was only 15 when I was taken. 

My mother never stopped looking for me, she never gave up, people who cared for me, meaning the people I thought who were my friends, eventually gave up and stopped caring, apart from my mother. She looked for me every day.

She made sure my story was in every newspaper and every magazine. 

I was just walking to school, minding my own business, until a cold chill, slid down my spine like pins and needles.

A man, in a long gray jacket, tacky black pants, and a face full of every bad thought you could fit into one person. 

A mind filled with darkness, I could feel how careless and heartless he was, I was scared out of my mind. 

I started to speed up, but I felt like my legs were frozen, stuck in some kind of snail slime.

 My school was only a few minutes away, I thought I’d be okay... But I was wrong.

He grabbed my arm unexpectedly, taking his shot when no one was around, pulling me into his van, god I screamed so loud but his hand covered my mouth before anyone could hear me.

He smelt like vodka, that’s all I could smell. 

I got tied up, my legs and my hands, tied to each other.

My mouth was covered with duct tape and a long piece of disgusting cloth, it was hard to breath, felt like my lungs would die any moment.

I cried so much to the point, my eyes were going dry, he just told me shut up or he would kill me if I didn’t.

The trip felt like hours, I didn’t know where we were, but it felt like we turned so many different directions, I started too memorize, which way we turned. Maybe doing this could save me.





Right and right again. Moments and moments passed, and we finally stopped. But where? 

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