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LOST CHILD - (Trigger warning, Violence and kidnapping ) Amanda's story - part 2

Years went by, her mother, grabbed her diary and her pen, and start dotting down her thoughts, as she did every day. “I never gave up; I wrote down in my diary.

I will never give up; I will find my Mandy. “

Placing her diary down, tucking it away in her draw. 

She yawns as she heads down the hall, glancing at her Mandy's room, her heart cracks slightly more every time she looks, tears running down her cheeks, unexpectedly, her mind filling with worried thoughts as her heart sinks deeper than any ocean.

Bubbles of oxygen passing her eyes as it feels as she drowning right there, as she looks at the empty room. “I will find you, darling, you will come.... home” her words split apart as her stutter filled her words with sadness. 

The home phone starts to ring, her heart skipped a beat, running faster than a cheater, tripping once or twice, hoping it’s the police.

“Hello!” she gasped, waiting for an answer on the other side.

“Is this Mis Lucian?” the police offer asked her, with a deep voice.

“Yes! Is this about my Mandy? Have you found her?” she asked as her voice becomes very unsteady, grabbing her chest, anxiety, flooding her body.

He clears his throat, “Yes, but we need you to come down to the station, right now. “as he spoke, a chill went down her spine, cold chills, slipping through, one ear out the other, she mumbled, worriedly. “Yes of course, I'm on my way.

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