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LOST CHILD - (TW - Kidnapping and Violence) Amanda's Story - Part 5

Finally getting through the last pair of doors, the sun light hitting her face. She runs faster and faster, not looking back, gripping the photo as it crinkles slightly in her hand. 

A few girls sat at table, see her running, waving at her, wondering what's wrong. 

“Please, please help me!” she whispers to the girls, in great panic.

“woah hey, I'm Ashly, what's going on?” she takes the mothers hand in hers, sitting her down. 

“This man, who was chasing me, he has something to do with my daughters' disappearance, once I knew too much, he tried to stop me, I just want my baby girl back” she begins to sob, gripping her face tightly as tears stream through the spaces of her fingers. Unsure of what to do, they look at each other, and back at the woman.

“I know ... I know this is hard to believe but look, this is her” her words clashing together with her tears, placing the photo on the table.

The girls pass the photo around, taking look, Ashly takes a look, and shakes her head “I'm sorry, she's very beautiful though. “she sighs, resting her hand on the mother's hand.

The second girl, takes the photo, she looks at her friend next to her. “We know her, I saw her!” the girl, covers her mouth, looking at the mother. “what do you mean, you saw her? When did you see her!? Do you know where she is!?” she grips the girl's hand, looking at her with a longing look in her eyes. 

“I saw someone a few days ago, she has the same face fetchers as this girl, her hair was messy, she was with this man, I didn’t think much of it, till now. I grabbed a photo, incase.” her heart beating out of her chest, as a stutter comes along, taking out her phone, showing the mother the photo, she took.

(Drawing will be on my Instagram – Oliverstopphotography)

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